Possibilities of electronic payments WebMoney Transfer

Возможности системы WebMoney

• to make calculations with other users, to pay the goods and services in the Network;

• to discuss with partners of a condition of commercial transactions by means of vocal service, a videoconference, protected WM-mail;

• to receive and give out loans in title signs (including collectively);

• to automate management of the budget of your joint activity or the network enterprise;

• to pay services of mobile operators, providers the Internet and TV, to pay a subscription to mass-media;

• to create own digital checks Paymer for payment of your goods and services in Internet shops and instant calculations out of the Network;

• to make an exchange of electronic currencies on a favourable rate;

• to extend software products and electronic books in the format protected from copying;

• to make calculations by e-mail, to use a mobile phone as a purse, to pay domains and a hosting for the (and strangers) projects...

to buy-sell domain names (this that name, that you see now in the browser of a kind http://deevro.ru). Right now can check up, whether freely a name of a desirable domain name. Every day hundreds new domains are registered and it is obvious, that every day all is more difficult to receive the domain with a short and sonorous name, for example with your surname. Now can not know, that with it to do, but in the future even if you will not use it for the business necessarily will create a site devoted to the family, then on the basis of it domains will create free of charge subdomains to each member of the family with his name.

Nobody prevents to register to you some domains on those names which coincide with names of firms, shops and so forth in your district. To sell these domains to successful owners of the business - if the person is an expert in the Internet, quite probably. If not understands - will prove. Sometimes MlM-salespeople the necessary things sell manage not so, so to say, you should make business on the necessary and useful subject.

To check up and register the free domain right now:

Register the domain:


• For years of work WebMoney has extended in more than 60 countries, uniting users more than in seven thousand settlements. Each region can brag of the set of the goods and services which is convenient for paying through WebMoney. In this connection, users of one region often have a requirement for creation of contacts among themselves. Service Fellow countrymen gives such fine possibility.

Service Fellow countrymen is intended for a finding of users WebMoney in region of the residing. Users of service can communicate with other users from the region, set interesting questions and to receive on them answers, to answer questions of the fellow countrymen - i.e. to use WebMoney in the region even more effectively.

To become the fellow countryman, it is necessary to have the formal certificate or above and to open a city of an actual site in the certificate.

It is possible to find certain users of the region, using filters: under the certificate, on BL or only advisers.

As the certificate it is possible to choose fellow countrymen with the initial certificate and above, with personal and above and all fellow countrymen.

Point “to Show users with BL>0” allows to choose fellow countrymen about Business by Level more than 10.

Point “to Show advisers” allows to choose fellow countrymen with the status "Adviser".

After fellow countrymen are found, it is possible to ask a question to one of them, several or all at once, having clicked the link to "Communicate". Asking a question, it is necessary to establish the status: it is visible in the country, it is visible in region, it is visible in a city or it is private. It is possible to see also questions of the fellow countrymen, having cluck on a bookmark "Questions". If wish to see questions on all region or on all country, it is necessary to pass under the link more to the left of the settlement (if your city of Moscow, for example, that it is the Moscow area and Russia).

To be well informed about events of the region, to know about all possibilities of application WebMoney in the city, effectively to co-operate with fellow countrymen it is possible and it is necessary, thanks to service WebMoney Fellow countrymen. Find the fellow countrymen!