Services for effective business dealing

Сервисы для эффективного ведения бизнеса

For effective business dealing and information interchange in system WebMoney the additional services allowing participants to provide necessary level of safety of operations are provided, to automate calculations, to keep account, spend an exchange of various settlement means, operatively to find partners in the region etc.

Safety service is intended for installation by users of individual options of the safety providing raised level of protection of the information at work in system. Safety service allows to limit access to WM-means of the participant from all ip-addresses, except the list of the resolved. In system possibility of change of a key and the password by the participant, and also possibility of change of the size, the location and a name of a key file is provided to exclude probability of plunder of WM-means Trojan and other harmful programs.

Certification service provides delivery of the digital certificates proving the identity of owners of WM-identifiers according to their nameplate data, and also the contact information given by them. WM-certificates in a digital form stand out to the participants of the system who have given in the Center of certification given (assured by the notary or one of registrars of the Center of certification). The WM-certification program has some levels. The above the status of the WM-certificate of the participant, the more effectively its business in system, greater the quantity of additional services to it is accessible to those.

In system the arbitration — service of consideration of disputes between participants WebMoney Transfer operates . Any user has possibility to address in arbitration with the statement — the claim or the claim if considers itself suffered from actions someone from participants WebMoney Transfer. The arbitration decision can consist in refusal or prolongation of service by system of the WM-identifier of the respondent, and also in definition of an order of access to disputable means or conditions of the agreement of lawsuit.

Service Enum provides as much as possible proof protection against not authorised access thanks to the technology based on granting unique cryptographic devices to each registered user. The user should not remember difficult passwords - the scheme "question-answer" ("challenge/response") provides unequivocal identification of the client.

Geoinformation service provides fast search of the objects giving WM-services, on maps of the world, Russia and Moscow. The search list included WM-exchange offices, points of sale of WM-maps, certificate address and the dealers of system who are filling up WM-purses of participants by cash and non-cash transfer, post offices, and also the shops presented in the catalogue the Megadrain. Dynamically updated database of service contains data on more than 180 countries and 130 thousand cities and settlements worldwide.

Service of exchange is intended for an automatic exchange of various electronic currencies, and also bank, post, cable and other remittances. Service functions by an exchange principle, that is provides direct transfer of means between the exchange parties. For maintenance of the guaranteed exchange with means in all transactions as reserve currency title signs WebMoney are used. The exchange is carried out at the courses appointed participants of an exchange.

At a credit stock exchange participants of system receive and give out credits in an online-mode with the subsequent return of means in time and on the conditions appointed the creditor. For reception of the credit it is enough to have WM-certificate WebMoney Transfer (initial and above). The stock exchange provides a simultaneity of transfers of proceeds of credit and promissory notes, that considerably reduces financial risks of the parties.

Trust service allows participants of the transaction to prevent conflicts and assurance to reach the mutual consent without third party participation, at the expense of entering by prospective partners of the certain mortgaging sums which take places on special trust a WM-purse. Further each of investors can return the means only at the consent to that other participants of a trust, that is at successful carrying out of the transaction, or at performance by all participants of in advance stipulated conditions.

Telephone service of calculations TELEPAT is intended for immediate translations of means, and also payment of the goods and services by means of city and mobile phones. For entering of a phone number into the list served by service it is enough to phone to call by +7(495) 363-22-33 and to be registered in system according to instructions of the autooperator. Users of service can fill up telephone balance by means of the prepaid WM-maps, and also from the WM-purses. For owners of shops and paid services in system automatic reception of payments is realised.

Service of digital checks PAYMER is intended for calculations for the goods and services, and also for release of own payment tools. Digital checks are freely transferred between participants of the transaction in any way convenient for them: by fax, e-mail, in telephone conversation or at personal meeting. Creation of checks is made on a site The received codes of checks can be printed on a paper or plastic (in the form of skretch-maps) for distribution through a retail network. Owners of checks can pay off them, exchange on a site or enlist their face value on the WM-purse.

Having registered in service of notifications, participants of system receive notifications about receipt in their address of WM-means, accounts and messages from other users. As a way of the notification it is possible to choose e-mail or a mobile phone. Service sends messages directly at the moment of receipt of new data. In options it is possible to appoint the list of WM-purses, receipts on which will be fixed by service, and also to establish a range of the sums on which receipt it is necessary to inform.

Client program WM Keeper Classic can be used not only for carrying out of calculations and the protected correspondence, but also for vocal dialogue with your partners. This additional function of the program is connected by means of special plug-in WM Phone Classic which is established from page download a system site. Conversation is carried out by means of a microphone and ear-phones or columns.

Service of protection of programs Software Activation Service allows to establish and automatically to supervise possible quantity activation registration codes of author's programs. Having registered in service and having established on the computer system of protection HardKey System or ASProtect, user WebMoney Transfer has an opportunity to operate sales of software products, adjusting their policy activation, that is specifying, how many time use of a registration code received will be authorised at purchase. In the course of activation in service the special code, containing data, unique for each computer, the program and the WM-identifier arrives, thus, duplication of a code of activation on other computer will not allow to start a counterfeit copy of the program.