System WebMoney description

Описание системы WebMoney на русском

Registration system WebMoney Transfer provides carrying out of calculations in real time by means of registration units — title WebMoney (WM signs. Traffic control of title signs is carried out by users by means of the client program WM Keeper installed on the computer of the user (from safety reasons NEVER download this program from other sites). Is as the version of the client program for its installation on the transportable device (mobile phone). Thus, you carry out handle of the abacus WebMoney directly from a mobile phone, without a binding to the computer from any geographical place where there is a steady signal of your cellular operator.

The system webmoney supports some types of the title signs provided with various actives and stored on appropriate electronic purses of following types: WMR, WME, WMZ, WMU, WMY, WM-C, WM-D.

Decryption of types of purses:

WMR — equivalent RUR on R-purses,

WME — equivalent EUR on E-purses,

WMZ — equivalent USD on Z-purses,

WMU — equivalent UAH on U-purses,

WMY — equivalent UZS on Y-purses,

WM-C — Equivalent WMZ for credit operations on With - purses,

WM-D — Equivalent WMZ for credit operations on D-purses.

While translating money resources the same purses are used, and the exchange of various title signs is made in exchange tools.

The guarantor on WMR-operations is Open Company "ВМР", the company representing WebMoney Transfer in territory of Russia. As the guarantor on WMZ - and to WME-operations company Amstar Holdings Limited, S.A appears. As the Guarantor on WMY-operations Open Company company «the Uzbek guarantee agency of Open Company "TILLO-GARANT"» appears. As the Guarantor on WMU-operations Open Company company «Ukrainian Guarantee Agency» appears.

The owner and the system administrator providing its organizational and technological integrity, company WM Transfer Ltd is., being the developer, the owner and system administrator WebMoney Transfer.

Software engineering and technical support of functioning of system are in conducting the company of Joint-Stock Company "Computing Forces".

To become the participant of system WebMoney Transfer it is enough to instal client program WM Keeper on the computer and to register in system, having received thus the WM-identifier and having accepted system agreements. Registration process also provides input of personal data and confirmation of their reliability by means of client program WM Keeper.

In system the WM-certification program is realised. Each user has the WM-certificate — the digital certificate made on the basis of personal data given to it.

Each participant of system has certain business level (BUSINESS LEVEL). BL is a public integral characteristic of a level of business of the owner of the WM-identifier, calculated on the basis of data about duration of active usage WebMoney Transfer; quantity of correspondents with which the user had transactions; size of the spent transactions, presence of claims or positive responses to the user. Value BL can to see in dialogue of program WM Keeper by operation with the concrete counterpart, and also on pages of tools of system.