Technology of work with program WebMoney Transfer

Технология работы с программой WebMoney Transfer

Hardware-software complex WebMoney Transfer provides carrying out of instant safe calculations in a network the Internet. The technology of identification allows to define and consider unequivocally all performed operations, and the special complex of security measures excludes not authorised access to means and the information of participants.

Identification in WebMoney

At registration to participant WebMoney Transfer the 12-unit WM-identifier necessary for work in system is appropriated. The WM-identifier serves as a unique designation of the participant.

The owner of the WM-identifier independently appoints the password and defines a place for storage of files with a confidential key and purses. A place of storage of files with keys and purses it is possible to store on a diskette, USB flesh-drive, etc. the Owner can bring in information fields of the program data about itself and if necessary to change them.

Besides identification of users by means of the WM-identifier, in system it is carried out authentication on the basis of a confidential key and the password to it. The confidential key should not be transferred to the third parties as is the property of the owner of the WM-identifier and from safety reasons.

For the identification card of the owner of the WM-identifier in system WM-certification operates.

Possibility of use of the automated means for identification and authentication participants is given to users of system at construction of own applications.

Safety of transaction in WebMoney

Technology WebMoney Transfer is developed taking into account the modern safety requirements shown to control systems by the information through the Internet. For maintenance of high level of protection of data and means of users in system the complex of the measures which efficiency is confirmed by practice of long-term trouble-free work of system is supported.

Let's consider some security measures applied in system.

For an input in program WM Keeper the knowledge of the unique 12-unit WM-identifier of the user, its personal password (the password is appointed the user), and also the locations in memory of the computer or the external carrier of files with a confidential key and purses is necessary.

The architecture of system excludes not authorised access to WM-purses of users and does not allow to carry out calculations with use of WM-purses on which there are means (no this protection are deprived for example, system of payment by means of credit cards).

All operations in system — storage WebMoney on purses, an extract of accounts, calculations between participants, an exchange of messages — are made in coded form, with use of algorithm of protection of the information, similar RSA with length of a key more than 1040 bats. For each session unique session keys that provides the guaranteed confidentiality of fulfilment of transactions and information interchange are used.

At system level stability in relation to communication breakages is provided. If any operation has not been successfully finished, it is not considered by system. At fulfilment of transaction, means always are or on a WM-purse of the sender, or on a WM-purse of the addressee. The intermediate status in system does not exist. Thus essentially there can not be a situation when WM-means will be lost.

Besides the built in technological mechanisms in system the additional services which adjustment is carried out by users independently are supported. More in detail about them you can read in section "Safety" (materials prepare for placing on a site).


At desire, by means of options of program WM Keeper, you can close your personal data (a name, a surname, e-mail, the post address, etc.) for viewing by other participants WebMoney Transfer. In this case at fulfilment of transactions the second party cannot receive the specified data on you.

If further your trading partner demands from you instructions of some of the personal data set forth above, and you agree with this requirement options of program WM Keeper will allow to make this information accessible.

On your WM-identifier it is impossible to define numbers of WM-purses used by you. At desire you can instal any number of versions WM Keeper on the computer and log on under different WM-identifiers.

Service of mass payments

In system WebMoney it is possible to send payments to unlimited quantity of correspondents as fast as possible. Training of employees and studying of difficult interfaces for this purpose is not required. In a status quickly to master service work any executor from the bookkeeper to the manager.

It is enough to make the list of addressees and the paid sums in one of two formats - XML or CSV (XLS) and then operatively to make payments from purses of the authorised WM-identifier on purses of users WebMoney from the set list.